Monday, 16 June 2014

Wedding Band Leicester’s Favourite Covers Band FUNNY OUT TAKE

FUNNY OUT TAKE: Flange Wedding Band Leicester’s Favourite Covers Band

Leicester’s favourite wedding band were shooting a promotional video and Stu finds he’s not secured his strap on to the guitar (please forgive the construction of the sentence). Just watch what happens…….

Monday, 3 February 2014

Leicestershire’s Premier Wedding Band the Flange Release a Demo Band Video

A lot of wedding bands have swanky studio videos on their website backed up with a studio sound recording, that’s great in an ideal world. But as we all know these are ideal conditions and the matter of fact is the band won’t sound like a studio recording at your wedding because every room is acoustically different. That’s why the Flange wedding band pride themselves in configuring their PA system to sound acoustically that best suits the venues room. So by popular demand Leicester’s best wedding band have produced a live wedding demonstration video to give a realistic feel of how the Flange perform at wedding venues. We hope you enjoy this short video of a wedding we performed by the band in Leicestershire.

Wedding Band from Leicestershire the Flange Perform Live at a Popular Venue in Leicetsershire.

You can see more demo videos and sound bytes on the from the best wedding bands from Leicestershire visit the flange website now